Improve Consumer Lifestyle in Terms of Functionality, Design and Quality.

We pride ourselves as being open when presented with challenges and willing to try new ideas and solutions. Our production lines are always flexible.


Ninety S (90s) Furniture Sdn Bhd started out as a furniture manufacturer catering to the Malaysian market. It operates out of Muar, Johor. The company was established in August 2014 and a subsidiary entity of SY Furniture Sdn Bhd.

The unique and retro styling of its brand are inspired by our young and dynamic team, who are mostly born in the 1990s. The relatively young age signals the eventual change of the furniture industry as younger generation rises up to the challenge.

Throughout the years, our senior management has gained insight and experience in every facet of the furniture business as the company saw tremendous growth.

Our innovative business practices and solutions have spurred our ambitions to reach bigger markets. Since then, we have set our sights on expanding our business to include furniture export.

With the experience we have, we are confident that we will be able to deliver all our client's demands in a timely fashion and produce items of high quality.

In the years to come, we hope to be one of the leading the global furniture exporter working out of Muar. With that in mind, we have implemented several strategies in our organisation to facilitate this vision.

Our Mission

As for our mission, we hope to see our products helping to improve consumer lifestyle in terms of functionality, design and quality.

In the long-term, we will be setting up our flagship showroom and service offices in our main markets. This allows clients and potential clients to have a glimpse of our design capabilities and to ensure excellent before, during and after sales services.

We then hope to garner capital expansion to set up subsidiaries of our own, which eventually will lead to being listed in Malaysia.

Meanwhile, in the short-term, we are determined to increase market share and strengthen our brand and corporate identity.

Our Team

On the production side, we are proud to share a piece of our long-held philosophy. Our clients can expect reliable quality at a reasonable price, shorter lead time and unique design. Our confidence is boosted by having our own product R&D department.

Our R&D team work to gather and identify consumer needs from all over the world before putting their design to paper. This allows us to create trendy, upmarket and innovative products all year long.

Our Ambitious

We are also able to custom-build designs and products to meet our client's specific needs. With our expertise, the process is made smooth in keeping to a tight delivery schedule.

We pride ourselves as being open when presented with challenges and willing to try new ideas and solutions. Our production lines are always flexible.

As a whole, Ninety S (90s) Furniture Sdn Bhd is ready to take on bigger market opportunities with our business philosophy, design insight and expertise, flexible production lines, high quality furniture, superb sales services as well as our ambitious attitude.